Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far can Inboden’s travel for a pig roast?
Limitless possibilities! We have already been to areas like Wisconsin, Chicago (Navy Pier), Elgin, and Rockford. We have traveled over 250 miles and set up some amazing roasts. Pricing will be customized per quoted event. Please familiarize yourself very carefully with our price list information for how we can handle pig roasts!

2. Will I need help if I choose to cook the pig myself?
Yes, you will need help unloading from your vehicle or small trailer. You will need someone to guide the roaster down the supplied ramps. You will also need help to move the roasted hog to the carving position. These tasks are not difficult at all. Inboden’s goes through a step by step instructional class on the inner workings of our one-of-a-kind roaster. We will assist you upon pick up of roaster and only one person needs to be present. One thing to make sure of, is that you will need to use dry towels (not wet at all) to lift the pig off of the roaster and up onto the carving station.

3. How long does it take to cook?
The average pig roast with our unit (20 lbs=1 hour of cook time)
Example 120 lb pig = 6 hours of cook time (weather permitting).

4. How many people can I feed at a pig roast?
This is determined by size. 1 lb of roast per person ex: 140 people = 140 lb pig needed. We will ask the appropriate questions to provide your guests with plenty to eat. Factors such as the age group, be it an elderly group, college group, how many children attending, etc. will all help us to estimate the amount needed.

5. What is the largest size pig the roaster can handle?
A 140 lb head off pig is the average. (See below for larger group parties)

6. What do I do if I have a group larger than 140 people? Do I have to rent a second roaster?
No, you won’t need a second roaster unless you would prefer to rent an additional one. Inboden’s can provide you with an additional pig at the shop. In the past, Inboden’s has served over 1200 people using only one pig roaster and additional pigs that have been roasted at our shop. We can always provide a second roaster if requested, however in many cases this is not necessary.

7. Can you cook indoors?
No, it is not recommended.
You are required to keep combustibles at least 3 feet from every side. If it is especially windy you may have to move it behind a wind break of some sort, such as a behind car, garage, or other area where the wind won’t knock it around.

8. Do I (the customer) need a trailer?
No a pick-up truck is sufficient. We provide the strap to secure to your bed of vehicle, a short bed truck will do fine. Inboden’s will quote you a price for delivery if you can’t find a truck.

9. What does Inboden’s require from a customer to rent equipment?
Option A – We cook and roast on site: Payment and one electrical outlet would be your requirements.
Options B – You cook and roast: We need a cash deposit, valid auto insurance, credit card on file for rental agreement and our provided contract signed.

10. How can I transport a pig roaster?
We recommend that if you plan on picking up a roaster unit that you bring a pick-up truck for transportation. A pull behind trailer will work as well. The roaster units will fit into full size conversion vans with the rear seats removed. But, unfortunately, they will not fit into a mini-van. The following dimensions of the roaster unit will help you to measure the vehicle you are transporting the unit in and help insure there is adequate space.

Dimensions: 46″ H 75″ L 29″ W